Cure the Opioid Crisis with ProveIt!

ProveIt!’s interactive module makes educating patients on safe opioid use easy. Your patients will enjoy an easily consumable and enjoyable experience as we review the essentials of opioid use. Then, we extend your reach to the patient through our encrypted secure portal, with additional content available 24/7 via the device of their choice.

  • Key Safety Points: We review the general best practices to reduce the risk of accidental opioid overdose, including consulting with the opioid prescribing physician before accepting medication from other physicians.

  • Living with Opioids: Integrating opioid use into daily life can be difficult and may require lifestyle changes. We provide patients with information on how to use opioids safely and in a manner that best fits their lifestyle.

  • Unintended Effects: Polypharmacy and unique patient characteristics may contribute to unexpected reactions and results from opioid use. We identify these factors and provide information to help keep your patients safe.

  • Access Control: According to the AMA’s Task Force to Reduce Opioid Abuse, 70% of people using opioids without a prescription are getting the medication from friends or family. We will review how to properly store your medication and dispose of unused medication in order to better prevent this problem. Guidelines found here.

  • Data and Government: We review epidemiological data about the Opiod Crisis and discuss how the collection of patient data may help improve the current opioid guidelines.

  • Abuse and Rehabilitation: Opiates can be addictive. For patients who are struggling with addiction and are looking for help, we provide the information and tools to help start the recovery process.

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