ProveIt! is an SaaS (Software as a Service) technology healthcare company. ProveIt! is the solution to combat the Opiod Crisis, with a critical focus on accidental overdose.
There is an abundance of data supporting the claim that that opioid epidemic or crisis is not only a national emergency but is actually growing in magnitude at alarming rates. For more information on the opioid epidemic and ProveIt!’s analysis of the data, check out our blog page.
Most media outlets and professional publications refer to the issue as either the Opioid Epidemic or the Opioid Crisis.
No. There are many components to the Opiod Crisis, and as such, no one plan can address the complexity and magnitude of this problem. However, ProveIt! is the solution to combat accidental overdose and risks associated with prescription opioid medications.
ProveIt!’s product line focuses on prevention through education. We use a mix of technology and media platforms to make the content easy to use and easy to understand. To further this, we are changing the paradigm of what a ‘doctor visit’ is. Currently, the physician can only assess risk points while you are in the office, but with ProveIt! we allow the physician to reach beyond the boundaries of the office to deliver continuous risk mitigation.
Nothing! Our current business model centers on partnering with healthcare providers to save the lives of those at risk of an opioid overdose. As such, the patient will not receive any bills from ProveIt!
ProveIt! is committed to providing excellent service and will work with you to find a program that fits your needs. Let us show you how we provide value to both patients AND your practice. Please contact ProveIt! for a free customized quote.